Countdown Starts!


Woke up at 6am, work from 8:30-5:00, came home at 6pm. Cleaned up my house, took a hot shower, and just had the last meal of 2012 which was Toshikoshi Soba! In Japan, people eat soba noodles before the New Year to wish their healthy life in the coming year. Soba noodle symbolizes longevity.

I made Kakiage Tempura with onion, edamame and carrots. Kakiage is a kind of tempura but it looks like fritters. Compared with regular tempura, it is achievable with a little oil and you can have fun with ingredients. I was going to add chopped bacon, but I found out that it was expired…

This year, I avoided going to fujiya around this time of the year because it is always super crowded! Instead, I will be spending very simple Japanese New Year which I will be posting next year! See my blog post on how I spent 2012 New Year.

Yes, I am at home and writing this blog post. Sadly, I am working now as I need to finish my freelance project. Since Christmas, I have been minimizing my fun activities and focusing on this project. It is ok as I have had really festive NYE for the past years. In fact, this is kind of relaxing and I enjoy it. You don’t have to dress up, no make-up, just pajama and some tea (or alcohol…). However, I am totally up to embrace multiculturalism in this City and celebrate Chinese New Year! LOL.