Breakfast Burrito

Happy New Year!

I finally completed my project and celebrated my first day of the new year yesterday… lol. This year, my new year’s day was set on January 4th! What’s wrong with that?

new year dinner

I think I had a very positive 2013 kick-off as I am eating breakfast these days. Last year, I did not have time to prepare breakfast in the morning and ended up buying something or skipping. I found breakfast burrito enables me to eat nutritious food in the morning! This is Saturday’s breakfast, so I had some time to prepare additional items like kale salad and hash brown.

Breakfast BurritoBreakfast Burrito

I made 3-egg omelet and 3 servings of roasted peppers in advance, separated into 3 containers, and wrapped them a night before. If you prepare this on Sunday, you don’t have to worry about your breakfast until Wednesday night. My struggle before was when I cook dinner, breakfast and lunch for the next day, I ended up starting my private time at 9pm or so. This means I don’t have enough time to read, study, or have fun. Making breakfast burrito saves some time and will give me more time to spend (like blogging more!).

I still don’t have time in the morning, so what I usually do is grab the wrap and microwave at work or eat on my way to work. This one is with ham and cheese, I hope to create more variations. Hopefully this will improve (a.k.a. wake up early!).