Gyoza City

The city, Hamamatsu, I was born is one of the cities which consumes a lot of gyoza. In Japan, there are many dishes which are different depending on region. Ramen is one of good examples. If you say Tokyo ramen, it is shoyu-based and soup is clear. If you say Hakata ramen, it is white soup and rich, and comes with different toppings.

Gyoza is considered as one of them. I don’t know much about what is different in terms of ingredients, so I will focus on serving part today. Here’s how my city serves.

Usually, people imagine gyoza in one row, so it will fit in the rectangular plate. That’s what you usually see in Vancouver. Like this one:


from Yelp

(Please note my city serves in this way, too. But I would like to introduce my city’s regional difference.)

Hamamatsu style is fried like this. This has a reason.

After adding some water and steaming, you will hear the sound – telling you the pan is drying up. It’s time to open!

Here you can see why it is fried like that. The middle O is filled with steamed/boiled bean sprout. That’s Hamamatsu style!

I also made a egg soup.
egg soup

I finished them all by myself… 17 pieces, oh my my. It was so juicy and good.

If you ever have a chance to go to Hamamatsu City, here are some well known gyoza places.

  • Ishimatsu 石松
  • Fukumitsu 福みつ
  • Kibori 喜慕里
  • Mutsugiku むつ菊

I also like Biwa no Ki ビワの木. This one is relatively newer than others.