It is not easy to continue something against your philosophy. Now I am reaching a point where I cannot stand.

Every morning, I try to be cheerful, but it is not successful and depression comes in.

It is funny, when one part of me is falling, some other part of me or my life also becomes bad condition. I feel I am marginalized and I am not respected. This kind of negative cycle is set up on you.

I felt I need to do something and it is urgent, so I made a decision to take an action. This important day will come soon.

In my mom or dad’s time, there are fewer job options and people worked whatever they could get. These days, there are many options and people do really care what they are doing, who they are working with etc. People might think I am not strong, but I want to be happy and proud of what I am doing. I want to develop myself while I am working.

Right now, I don’t feel I am achieving any of them.

Of course, I am worried about leaving my work since I’ve been working for them for a couple years. Under this competitive job market, I may have a hard time finding a suitable job. However, I like adventure and I will work hard to find a place I should be.