via air mail

My dad likes to mail me some stuff. He doesn’t write much, but he sends me a lot of newspaper and magazine clippings, tickets of shows or exhibits he went to, Vancouver’s touristic information etc. by mail. I wondered if he knows I can get the same information online etc. Most of contents are junk (sorry!), but sometimes I find some interesting information as well.

Once, he enclosed a card and there was a handwritten poem on the back. The piece was very deep and I was very impressed. However, I googled the poem just in case and found that it was not my dad’s word! (as expected…) I think I should educate him about plagiarism. lol

Last year, he said in the letter, “there will be no tomorrow,[sic]” but yesterday’s mail says “there will always be a tomorrow.[sic]” It is difficult to follow this kind of contradictory statements… haha

What entertains me is that this 60-year old man loves North American pop music. He grew up by listening to Madonna, Sex Pistols and the Clash. He sends me a piece of Western music ranking from newspaper and Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Rhianna are highlighted in pink! He buys their CDs and makes his own mix casette tape! He is a computer or any kind of technology illiterate and has a lifetime stock of casette tape! When I went home for vacation, he brought me many of his favourite singers’ CDs (listed above) and I appreciated his kindness of sharing:P

Forever young. This is not for Pepsi. This is for my dad.