Comfort Food

One of the things I have been craving for was meatball spaghetti. I googled on the Skytrain on my way from work. Then, I watched Jamie Oliver’s youtube video. Unfortunately, video was not allowed to embed.

meatball spaghettimeatball spaghetti

This is my final product. Taste good… However, I felt something was missing in my meatballs. Mustard! I forgot to put some mustard in my meatballs. That means I will have to try it again.

I had some extra sauce, so I made meatball sandwich on the next day.
meatball sandwichmeatball sandwich

Half of baguette became very dry and hard, but I could not waste it. I cooked french onion soup.
Cooking caramelized onion took forever, but it definitely paid off. Soup is soaked into baguette and now it became soft and tasty.
french onion souponion soup
It is relaxing to eat this kind of comfy food especially when you are super busy at work.