Lululemon Recall on Twitter

Yesterday, Lululemon announced that they recall yoga pants because they are “showing off too much of their customers’ assets.”

There are many honest and funny tweets on this.

1. Dirty desire
please don't
please don't

2. Funny – this is my best favourite!
lululemon erotica

3. Painful Critique – this might be true as yoga pants is no longer just for yogis.
body change

Some people pointed out that this recall as a marketing activity. I guess like me, it definitely created a lot of buzz, tweets, facebook posts and other free brand exposure and awareness. However, does this give a good return?

I have been in Vancouver over 5 years, but I do not own any single Lululemon items except for their shopping bag given from my friend. I understand it is comfy and great workout clothing, but I don’t think I want to wear them like jeans and walk around downtown (even you are not going to a gym or on your way home from gym). Also, I cannot spend $100+ on yoga or exercise pants… For me, Lululemon pants is more about a symbol of Vancouverites’ conspicuous consumption.