japanese meal

To sustain my busy lifestyle, I felt sense of urgency that I need to do some exercises. Even writer, for example, Haruki Murakami decided to run so he could keep on writing a book.

So, I decided to do 1-hour running yesterday. I enjoyed discovering nice small parks and encountering other runners. It is amazing to know how much green space is available in Hastings – Sunrise area! I have been missing out on this! However, on my way back, I got crump in my leg when I was waiting for signal and jumping… I wanted to “look good” to drivers so I held tight and tried to run even it was so painful! haha

After 40 minutes of running, it turned into walking (with pain). This definitely told me that I need some exercise. I will resume my running once my leg is recovered.

Needless to say, healthy dinner after the exercise is the way to wrap up your day.