I talked with my friend that I started running and got crump in my leg. Then she told me that walking is better. Running gives a lot of stress to your heart and may increase a risk of heart attack. I am not sure if it’s true, but I decided to do walking today. (because my leg still hurts, too.)

I walked about 30 mins, approx. 2km. It is refreshing as I worked at home all day today. Then, I dropped by T & T for shopping. I got some goodies which I will share soon!

On my way back, I got on a bus and it’s almost dinner time. I baked BC spot prawns and it was very tasty! It was still live when I tried to clean it, so I was a bit scared. I learned that ice water calms prawns down.

My grandma has been walking everyday after dinner with her friends since she was in her 40s. Now she is in her late-80’s and so healthy. I guess I should follow her tip!


Today, I also had one sake cup of sake – brewed in Vancouver. The rice is also planted and harvested in BC! It is limited edition and I managed to get one.