ivory tower vs. glass ceiling


According to CBC, Statistic Canada’s National Household Survey revealed that working-age women(64.8%) have a post-secondary education over men (63.4%). Read original news article…

Then, I checked other news articles:
National Post said “women ages 25-64 now hold 54 percent of all university degrees.” This number is calculated from Statistic Canada’s Figure 1. Read original news article…

Toronto Sun said “women represented nearly two-thirds of adults aged 25 to 34 with a medical degree.” This data is also taken from Figure 1. Read original news article…

I really felt that it is important to see the original statistics or reports as the same report is covered so differently with different numbers. Well, I was distracted by how it was covered, but what I really wanted to discuss was about the research findings.

Although more women obtain a post-secondary education, women still represents lower population in upper management level. CTV’s report mentioned that 27 women out of Canada’s 500 top wealthy companies have made to the top.

Even though North America is more women-friendly country when it comes to working environment compared to Japan, it seems this issue is still remained. I really feel young professionals who obtained higher education including me should be taking proactive action to improve this situation.

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