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I am out of the house during summer and my blog update may be delayed.

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I planted kale, basil and parsley. I found that basil is very popular for ants and snails and it is eaten by them… *sigh* Any tips to avoid their attack? Kale and parsley are awesome and it tastes totally different from grocery store! Also, now I don’t have to buy bunch of them and can pick from few steps away from my door!

I went to Italian Days on Drive and finally tried their super famous sardine! As a Japanese, I would love to have grilled fish with rice, not Portuguese bun… Next year, I should bring my own rice and soy sauce! haha
italian days italian days

Last weekend was Dragon Boat Festival, The Orientique (fashion show), Jazz Festival and Greek Day on Broadway! I went to Dragon Boat Festival to see Goma Dura’s outdoor performance. Now I am thinking about taking a salsa lesson. It is so cool to dance salsa with their music. I wish I could! Then, I headed to the Orientique fashion show at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. It was very experimental and cool. On Sunday, I volunteered for Jazz Fest, watched some performances, then headed to Greek Day to enjoy soulvaki and more! This year, they also had calamari!! Then, I came back for my super favourite Halifax group gypsophilia! I watched their performance 5 years ago? at Jazz Fest in Gastown and since then, I have been a big fan! They also came in 2011, but I couldn’t make it and just got there to buy their CD. The first thing I do when Jazz Festival reveals this year’s line up is to check if they are in! This year I marked my calendar from long time ago and made sure that I can see their gig!! My excitement still continues and I really want to visit Halifax and see their show in their city!!! In the meantime, I will play their CDs and dance!

Saturday: Dragon Boat Festival and The Orientique
dragonboat the orientique

Sunday: Greek Day on Broadway and Vancouver Jazz Festival
greek day gypsophilia

What about this weekend? More Jazz Festival and Canada Day extravaganza is standing by!