Pow Wow 2013

pow wow sign

My friend told me that Pow Wow will take place in North Vancouver and I decided to go. It was my first time to see it live.

From Wikipedia:

Pow Wow is a gathering of North America’s Native People.There is generally a dancing competition, often with significant prize money awarded. Pow-wows vary in length from one day session of five to six hours to three days.

There are many different dance categories: jingle, traditional, chicken, and fancy dancers. Each category has different “regalia.” I accidentally called “costume” and my friend corrected me that it should be called “regalia.”

pow wow 2013 pow wow 2013

pow wow 2013

At the end, three girls are appointed as the upcoming year’s princesses and received a crown. Then drumming started and new appointed princesses, their family, outgoing princesses and their family danced around the circle. Princesses accept their duties by dancing and it was moving moment for me. Then, we walked to the dancing circle to meet and greet with volunteers, new princesses and outgoing princesses to congratulate and appreciate their hard work!

pow wow 2013

There are concession booth and I had very tasty bbq salmon and bannoc. There were also Indian Tacos (frybread/bannoc and taco ingredients on the top), but I was too full to try! Maybe next year…

pow wow 2013

My friend and I also checked out craft tents around the dancing circle and we found wind-dried salmon (St’wan). My friend told me rinse the salmon and put in the oven (broil). I am looking forward to tasting this!

pow wow 2013

I also found a video on how it is made:

There are dancers from children, teens, adults and seniors. It is great to see how tradition, culture and heritage is shared and passed onto different generations.