Watching a Fringe show at Firehall? 5 Great Pre-Theatre Restaurants

This weekend is the last chance to catch Fringe Festival! Granville Island is the main venue, however, you should not be forgetting about off island venues! One of them is Firehall Arts Centre! Below are shows I have watched at Firehall so far.

Changing Minds
If you like Glee or musical, you would enjoy this show! Sneak peak of their musical.

This show is intense, but beautiful and poetic as well.

Great one person performance.

Writer’s Block
This is also intense show, but if you like spoken words, you would enjoy it!

Watching performance requires a lot of energy and you should charge it before or after. There are many nice and fancy restaurants in Gastown, however, I would like to share some of restaurants in Chinatown and DTES area you could grab a bite before the show!

New Town (Chinese)
148 E. Pender Street


from yelp

This place is well known for steamed buns. If you have some time, you could sit at eat-in area. If not, grab one or two steamed bun(s) or pastries and walk to the theatre!

Golden Garden/Kim Saigon (Vietnamese)
509 Main Street


from yelp

If you have some time to chat and eat, this place has nice seating (recently renovated) and atmosphere. Food is decent. If you want to have a cup of Vietnamese coffee, make sure to order early! It takes time to be ready. You can also take out Vietnamese subs.

Hope Vietnamese Sandwich & Coffee (Vietnamese)
392 E. Hastings Street


from yelp

This place has very reasonable Vietnamese sandwich! The cheapest one (I think it is called “special”) is only $3.50! It seems the business is sold from previous owner and under new management.

Hanoi Pho (Vietnamese)
406 E. Hastings Street


from yelp

This is another Vietnamese place. They offer vegetarian Pho and a lot of other vegetarian options! I also like their Vietnamese coffee.

Pat’s Pub (Western)
403 E. Hastings Street

pat's pub

from urbanspoon

If you want to eat burgers and fries in DTES, Pat’s Pub is the place where you need to go. They also brew beer and open until late compared to other restaurants. If you feel like chatting after the show, this might be the place to go!

Please note that Fringe only takes cash! The nearest ATM from the theatre is RCB on Main x Hastings!

Have fun at the Festival!!