Spiritual vs. Religious

I happened to encounter this interview on CBC radio about how current idea of spirituality is making people celf-centered. I found it is very interesting argument. David Webster recently published a book Dispirited.… Continue reading

Successful Bento!

Wanted to share my successful bento box for tomorrow’s lunch! It’s been busy and I haven’t done bento packing for a while. I look forward to tomorrow’s lunch<3 What's in my bento box?… Continue reading

Generation Jobless (Documentary)

My facebook friend (lol) posted this documentary on his wall and I watched it. Generation Jobless (full-length video is only viewable within Canada) GENERATION JOBLESS delves into why so many young Canadians are… Continue reading


This week has been busy and I had to get meals to go or dine out. When this happens, you will end up eating less vegetables. Here comes Saturday, it’s time to adjust… Continue reading


My dad likes to mail me some stuff. He doesn’t write much, but he sends me a lot of newspaper and magazine clippings, tickets of shows or exhibits he went to, Vancouver’s touristic… Continue reading


It is not easy to continue something against your philosophy. Now I am reaching a point where I cannot stand. Every morning, I try to be cheerful, but it is not successful and… Continue reading

Body of Arts

I tried kale and cabbage pasta from my favourite food blog “Frugal Feeding.” It was very simple and healthy! I did not want to buy a whole cabbage, so I substituted with brussels… Continue reading

Gyoza City

The city, Hamamatsu, I was born is one of the cities which consumes a lot of gyoza. In Japan, there are many dishes which are different depending on region. Ramen is one of… Continue reading

Breakfast Burrito

Happy New Year! I finally completed my project and celebrated my first day of the new year yesterday… lol. This year, my new year’s day was set on January 4th! What’s wrong with… Continue reading


Back to work! Well, I just had day offs on 25th & 1st, so I am not really entitled to say back to work… Today was cold and foggy, then I found this… Continue reading