I’m extremely sensitive to cold and my room is always tropical warm. I cannot believe some people are still walking outside with foodie or even T-shirts! Yesterday was cold and I really felt… Continue reading

Review: Last Week

Last week was again BUSY! I had a Chinese class, community meeting, content strategy seminar and committee meeting. Some people are worrying about me as I seem to be a sleepless animal! I… Continue reading

Japanese Breakfast

Konbiniya was doing the 21st anniversary sale and I had a shopping spree this weekend! Shirasu (baby anchovy) from Seafood City on Granville Island, natto from Konbiniya, miso soup, sausage and orange. When… Continue reading

Sunday becomes busy day

I had a lot of volunteer work and fun this Friday and Saturday. What is happening this Sunday is a lot of tasks to finish! I started my busy Sunday with nutritious brunch… Continue reading

At Home

This week was crazy. On top of regular 9-5 work, I had meetings, classes and events every night. I feel really happy when I could come home early and fix my supper. Dining… Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Pork

Because I opened this wine on the other day, I decided to cook sweet and sour pork to pair with. This recipe might be different from real Chinese sweet and sour pork. However,… Continue reading


Brunch at home.

How to overcome SAD symptoms in Raincouver

Winter has come. Time to suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). How to overcome this? Here’s how I do it! 1. Indulge in Arts There are many arts and cultural festivals happening. Attending… Continue reading

Rice Bar

After work, I am taking a course every Mondays. By the time I arrive at home, it is already 10:00 pm. I could cook decent dinner, but I would rather have something simple… Continue reading

Coffee and Tea

I drink pop and juice, but it is occasionally. I don’t have them in my fridge. What do I drink then? I drink coffee and tea with ice cream and cookies! Baked sweet… Continue reading